BBC Proms Family Orchestra & Chorus; The Songs of George & Ira Gershwin – August 2016


“Ed dramatized the songs. This enlightened the learning process, as well as enjoyable.”


“The leader Ed for the chorus is just great; really clear, inclusive, enthusiastic and really encourages the children to get involved.”


BBC Proms Come & Sing; The Songs of George & Ira Gershwin – August 2016


“It was fun to sing and learn about the songs before seeing the Prom. Edward who led the workshop was fantastic!”


“Ed Price, who led the event was very good at explaining song backgrounds and how to sing items better.”


“Everyone engaged and singing together, inspired by a great leader/facilitator (Ed from BBC Singers)”


“Ed Price was a great leader.”


“It was a wonderful, joyous occasion- we attended with our three adult daughters and had a lovely family time singing together, very nostalgic! The singer who led the workshop, and I'm ashamed that I can't remember his name, was superb. He pitched it just right, gave us enough to work on in the short time and was a mine of information. We enjoyed him very much.”


“Ed Price, Excellent and enthusiastic teacher and leader.”


“Excellent leadership and enthusiasm of Ed Price.”


“Enthusiasm of Edward Price who made the whole event such fun and kept the tone informal.”


“Ed Price was excellent; he paced the two hours very well, managing to cover everything, and was very bouncy and enthusiastic.”


“The conductor's enthusiasm for the music and the associated films and musicals was fantastic and infectious.”


MOE Conference Speakers’ Training Day – June 2016


“Thanks to Ed for making it entertaining and extremely useful”

Thank you for creating the right learning environment and for creating such a fun and energizing atmosphere”

“Fantastic training delivered in such a fun and enjoyable way”


BBC Ten Pieces Coaching – June 2016


“It is so good to have our choir out of lessons so that we can focus on much more detail rather than the 35 minutes we can grab during a lunchtime a week. Our singers really enjoyed hearing the BBC singers sing and Ed was very engaging and enthusiastic.”


Somme Remembered – February 2016


“Coming out my comfort zone and singing away from my usual section and not singing along with others from my section. Its boosted confidence in my ability to sing. Enjoyed the different ways of being creative which we don’t often get to do with the choir. Singing without copies was also very enjoyable. And also the concert. Great teachers in Mel and Ed.”


“It was a collaborative event working with professional animateurs using new music to create a truly unique performance. Melanie Pappenheim was superb, as was the fabulous support from Ed Price (BBC Singers) and percussionist Ruairi Glasheen.”


Overture to the Oliviers – January 2016

“My son loved working with Ed and also being able to perform alongside the BBC Singers.”

“For my 9 year old son, it was fantastic that he had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with professional musicians. He loved the coaching by Ed Price for the chorus and also seeing how Tim Steiner brought the whole production together.”

“Working with Ed Price was great fun, especially being in the BBC Council Chamber!”

“Huge thanks - Ed especially made a great coach.”



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