Running Coaching

One on One training - £30 per session
You will have a free consultation where we will discuss and agree your goals then create a plan and discuss any other fitness matters in order to achieve them. Thereafter this we would meet as often as you would like (usually once a week or fortnight) and each of these session would involve a warm-up, technique practice, a run and then a cool down. We would stay in regular contact via email & phone to monitor your progress.

Group Training - £50 per session (up to 10 runners), £80 per session (11-15 runners)
Why not get together with friends? Training in a group is much more motivating and the support you’ll give each other will really help you hit those goals. These sessions are designed so that not all participants need to be at the same level to take part – everyone will be suitably challenged!

Bespoke Training Plans - £30-£60
I can create a training plan for any goal, be it your first 5k or a sub 3 marathon. After an initial phone consultation you’ll have a shiny plan delivered to your inbox with all the info (& motivation) you’ll need.

Bespoke Plan + online monitoring £30 for plan + £5 per week of plan
As above but I will monitor you progress each week and be able to suggest any tweaks to the plan as we going along – for the ultimate results

Find out more about my running journey here.

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